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DONATIONS - Giving Back

We are proud to say we have donated over 300 face masks to children at Servol Cascade and others for every pair of socks purchased.

Thank you for your support!

Ktreadz wants to offer opportunities - Giving Back is a very sensitive element of this venture. For this initial Giving Back means donating a Ktreadz Snow Cone face mask to a Servol Cascade child in need for every pair of socks sold.

We are committed to dedicating part of our annual net profits to a giving fund. We will then distribute face masks, socks and/or grants according to an annual investment plan that reflects the needs of our partners, as well as the causes our community cares most about.

Every purchase supports a wide range of initiatives, impacting the lives of both individuals and communities. We pledge to forge relationships with many organizations, finding new and improved ways to partner.

Ktreadz intends to partner with different organizations, NGO's social enterprises and more that share in our passion of offering better opportunities in local communities. This charitable initiative intends to use business to improve the lives of our citizens and take good care of the place we call home. We don't have all the answers but we are committed to making choices that benefit our communities in a functional way. If you have a need or want to recommend a person or organization in need, please contact us!